Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. That’s what independence was created for. Is California government protecting those rights?

  • Do you feel protected when someone commits a crime against you and the laws of California are protecting the criminal?
  • Do you feel protected when California allows people to come here illegally and be given subsidies without having to apply as a naturalized citizen?
  • Do you feel your liberty is protected when Governor Newsom and his cronies are making laws and regulations that benefit them?

Gavin Newsom seems much more worried about cutting off the water supply to farmers instead of putting to use the money set up specifically for creating water storage up and down California.

Democrats officials are more interested in banning plastic bags, yet allow the sale of $0.10 bags which are 10x’s heavier than the original bags.

Newsom and the Democrats demand more money supposedly to use for homelessness when the homeless crisis continues to grow. They haven’t done anything to combat the situation. Newsom didn’t do it for San Francisco when he was Mayor, and he sure is NOT doing it for the state.

How about mandatory sex education for students as young as ten which must include instruction about gay sex? Does that sit well with you? How about letting the parent (which is their right of limited government) to teach their kids when and how they feel comfortable Let’s get back to basics. We did fine with what we learned about medical science and conception.